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Reflexology is believed to have roots in ancient history and was introduced to the Western World during the early 1900's. Dr William Fitzgerald, an ENT physician, whose work was influenced by the Nobel prizewinner of medicine 1932, Sir Charles Sherrington, discovered that whilst applying pressure to certain parts of the body, a numbing effect would be experienced in a different part of the body. Ultimately, this led to his theory of 'Zone Therapy'. His work was continued and further developed by Eunice Ingham, who dedicated years of painstaking research to advance techniques and is considered by many to be the pioneer of Reflexology recognised today:-

Reflexology is a complementary therapy which aims to restore the body's natural balance and therefore promotes 'healing'. It is based on the theory that there are reflexes in the feet (and hands) which relate to every organ and all parts of the body; by using differing pressure techniques to stimulate these reflexes, it is believed that many health issues may be helped in a totally natural way, encouraging corresponding body systems to work together in harmony and unison.

Therapy is known, for example, to assist relaxation and therefore helps to relieve everyday stress and tension, which in turn may improve mood and aid sleep, creating an overall sense of well-being and optimum health for the client.

In addition, it can also be an excellent, natural means of preventive maintenance which, together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, may assist in maximising the body's own healing potential.

Treatment can help to:

  • stimulate circulation
  • eliminate waste & toxins
  • balance hormones
  • relieve muscular tension
  • aid relaxation and promote calm

    Please note: in some cases, it may be necessary to seek approval from your G.P. prior to commencing therapy.

    Reflexology can be used alongside conventional medicine, aiming to improve and alleviate many conditions, but it cannot diagnose or claim to cure specific problems and should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

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