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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have reflexology if I'm pregnant?

A. Your therapist will discuss this with you thoroughly, but reflexology can be hugely beneficial throughout pregnancy and may help to relieve some of the less pleasant symptoms, such as backache, morning sickness, anxiety etc.

Note: Therapy can also assist with many issues connected with sub-fertility and for couples experiencing difficulties conceiving, it's a wonderfully relaxing, non-intrusive treatment well worth consideration by both partners.

Q. Is reflexology only suitable for adults?

A. Reflexology is a suitable therapy for all ages, from the newborn to the elderly, including those receiving end of life care. However, there may be occasional instances when treatment may be inappropriate.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. This varies with each individual and is dependent on many factors; some people notice a marked difference in their overall well-being within a few sessions, whilst others may require considerably more, depending how long their particular condition has been present for. Most clients book a minimum of 6 treatments and once the body systems appear balanced, many choose to invest in regular 'top up' treatments.

Q. I have very tickly feet; would reflexology be suitable for me?

A. Reflexology doesn't tickle at all, as the therapist uses various techniques applying firm pressure, obviously adjusted to suit each individual's tolerance levels. However, there's always the option of hand reflexology, should the client prefer.

Q. How can I expect to feel after treatment?

A. This varies considerably, but particularly during the first 48 hours following treatment, some client's may experience a change in bowel habits or notice a shift in mood, possibly feeling tearful; others may feel invigorated and energised, or simply more relaxed and calm. Any noticeable reactions are usually transitory and believed to be part of the healing process.

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